Building Blocks - PixSAL2021


I am super excited to bring you the frame work and roadmap for my first ever SAL!

The frame is, of course, the building "blocks" for the entire piece and is pretty straight forward. It is A LOT (17,411 stitches of the total 31,644) of stitches, but don't let that dismay you. I am personally stitching this piece too so I can provide some photos as we go, and I started doing the frame with the 310... just in case I hadn't filled in color when it comes time to stitch the actual scene for the month 😅. I really hope you all enjoy. I spent several months working on this, and even though its "just sprites" it did take a bit of time and energy and thought process. The BW version does upload pretty well to Pattern Keeper also, just have to input the thread colors (some will show duplicate because of the "page overlap" but I just input those as "blank" or "nothing" and they sort to the bottom of the color list)

PixSAL2021 Frame Black and White

PixSAL 2021 Frame Pattern Keeper Friendly

A Scary World

 Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the USA. It's been a crazy scary year, but we're almost through it... the year, the year from hell... hopefully.... maybe... ok, well, there's hope anyway. To show my thanks and a little bit of humor I'm posting this pattern of an image I created this summer. It was, at the time, my feelings on how everything was going. So have fun, enjoy your holiday, and send me some food hahaha!

Truest Colors

 One of my favorite game series of all time is Final Fantasy. This game is more than likely 98% why I became extremely interested in "nerdy" things and all things fantasy. I am 100% a mage at heart. Every game, when given the chance, I take the path of magic! This is actually a graphic I made many years ago to set as my desktop on my PC and now I'd like to stitch it and see it on my wall!

Are you a Red Mage? (Color chart)

or a Black or White Mage? (Black and White chart)

Everything is falling into place!

 So excited to give everyone the information for PixSAL2021!!! This is my first SAL that I have designed inspired by classic NES games, and my personal TOP 12. Originally created by me as a personal piece to stitch up but got inspired last month to package it up and share throughout the year. As everything "falls" into place just remember that I might "mis-stack" some of the "pieces." I'm not perfect and already see some errors that are too minor to fix at this point lol... be gentle with me and don't throw your controller!

Find all the information you need for PixSAL2021 HERE
(I know there are some colors that are really close to one another... remember when I said I had made a few 'minor' errors... well this in one that it was too late for me to correct... I blame it on the "B" button sticking!"

You're a special little.......

Here is one of the first patterns I attempted. I could not find the original pattern that I had made to create my own (pictured) but I still had the graphic I had created in order to make the pattern so was able to remake and tweak (with my further knowledge of pattern making and my program). Please enjoy!

Please find pattern in color HERE
For Black and White (which works with Pattern Keeper, just input colors!) HERE

I cannot wait to share with you!

 Welcome to PixelPrime Cross Stitch and Pixel Art! I'm Ken. I've been cross stitching since around the age of 7, quilting since I was 9, crocheting since I was 12, diamond painting for about a year, playing video games since I could hold a controller, love movies, comics, books, etc. So what combines all of these? Pattern making! I have been playing around with making patterns for approximately a year now and I'm loving it! Sometimes I've been known to sit here for 8 hours or so (... hey... covid shut downs suck
so I needed something to do ok! lol) just playing around with patterns. I have been working on a bigger project for several months now and decided that I want to share it with as many people who want it. Guess what? It can be divided into 12 different elements so I will be sharing it as a SAL! In the meantime there are other smaller patterns that I have made that I will be sharing. Remember, most of the material I use in my patterns are from pop culture and therefore I do not own these characters, these are simply fan art and in homage. Feel free to use any of the patterns FOR FREE to create your own cross stitch, diamond paintings, perler, crochet (corner to corner), or whatever else you can think of! Just please don't share my patterns with anyone without directing them to the link so they can download it themselves, or try to sell my patterns (who would? they're basic ;) lol).  

July Power-Up Palette

Enjoy this Power-Up Palette to equip the Varia Suit, Missles, or both to Samus!