Which element would represent you?

 Been working on this for a while. A little more detailed with some fractional stitches and backstitching. I've taken two of my most favorite "things" and crossed them. Presenting "The Last Game Benders" - The Last Air Bender meets NES. 

Featuring our water benders the Ice Climbers

Fire bending Mario

Link equipped his power gloves to move (bend) that earth

and Kirby traded in his shooting star to bend an air scooter

Who will have the Highest Score?

Let's see who can rack up the "HI SCORE" .... or whatever else you want to put there. I've traditionally always put my initials and the year on every project I've completed and designed a clever way to do it on the PixSAL. Don't feel pressured to use my example though. Use the alphabet provided, or another of your choosing, honestly, and put that creative, personal touch on your very own PixSAL 2021!

(there is enough room provided for 15 of the full size letters with one "pixel" space between each. The punctuation characters are smaller)

March Power-Up Palette

  Enjoy this alternate palette for Kirby, representing the palette swaps Freeze and Fireball Kirby!.

Fluffly and hungry… Just like me!

Oh now, what is there to say about this one? Everyone knows Kirby right? I remember my mother getting me this game for my 8th birthday, which March is my birthday month, thus seems appropriate to release this cream puff this month!

Enjoy this scene featuring Kirby, King Dedede, and a shooting star!

Check out the "Power-Up Palette" section for the color scheme for Freeze and Fireball Kirby!

July Power-Up Palette

Enjoy this Power-Up Palette to equip the Varia Suit, Missles, or both to Samus!