June Power-Up Palette

  Enjoy this alternate palette for your Mega Man and all his original weapon schemes, Rolling Cutter, Super Arm, Ice Slasher, Hyper Bomb, Fire Storm, and Thunder Beam!

Do you still have your energy up for this?

Time to get back to platforming, just don't fall into the holes! This month we enjoy the Blue Bomber, Mega Man, a game that gave me hours, days, months of frustration, as well as fun times. 

Enjoy this scene featuring Mega Man, Dr. Wily,  and an Energy Tank.

Check out the "Power-Up Palette" Section for the most options yet! Change to any of the Mega Man Weapon color schemes.

July Power-Up Palette

Enjoy this Power-Up Palette to equip the Varia Suit, Missles, or both to Samus!