May Power-Up Palette

 Enjoy this alternate palette for your Black Mage's Spell to change your "Fire" spell to an "Ice", "Ice3", or "Nuke" spell

My Fantasy is a reality

This month we see my favorite series of all time as well as my favorite character of all time! Final Fantasy has kept me entertained for as long as I've been alive and if I had the chance to become one fictional character it would be a toss up between a water bender (Avatar Universe) or a Black Mage.

Enjoy this scene featuring Garland, Black Mage Warrior of Light, casting a "Fire" spell

Check out the "Power-Up Palette" Section for color schemes to change your "Fire" spell to an "Ice", "Ice3", or "Nuke" spell

July Power-Up Palette

Enjoy this Power-Up Palette to equip the Varia Suit, Missles, or both to Samus!