February Power-Up Palette

  Enjoy this alternate palette for Q-Bert, representing the palette swaps when playing player 2.

Don't go over the edge! We're just getting started

 One of the first times that our video game characters joined in with the fans of cursing at the fact that they failed, Q-bert brings back a lot of fond memories for me, being my mother's favorite game when I was growing up. I would sit and watch her for hours sometimes just seeing how far she could get and then being upset when my young self could only get through a few stages without *!#?@!ing it up!

Enjoy this scene featuring Q-Bert, Coily, and the infamous (*!#?@!) bubble!

Check out the "Power-Up Pallette" section for the color scheme for player 2 (green) Q-Bert!

July Power-Up Palette

Enjoy this Power-Up Palette to equip the Varia Suit, Missles, or both to Samus!