Everything is falling into place!

 So excited to give everyone the information for PixSAL2021!!! This is my first SAL that I have designed inspired by classic NES games, and my personal TOP 12. Originally created by me as a personal piece to stitch up but got inspired last month to package it up and share throughout the year. As everything "falls" into place just remember that I might "mis-stack" some of the "pieces." I'm not perfect and already see some errors that are too minor to fix at this point lol... be gentle with me and don't throw your controller!

Find all the information you need for PixSAL2021 HERE
(I know there are some colors that are really close to one another... remember when I said I had made a few 'minor' errors... well this in one that it was too late for me to correct... I blame it on the "B" button sticking!"

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